Not Expected

I didn’t think I’d be a “biker” one day but didn’t think I wouldn’t be a golf pro either. I started riding my Fuji Del Ray in May just wanting to lower my cholesterol and its turned into something much different.

At first I began doing 6 mi rides, then 10, 15, 25 30, 50 and at this point – just 70 miles. I quickly realized that cycling doesn’t just get you exercising, it gets you places and in a much different way. This “way” is the opportunity to see everything you don’t see in motor transport. When cycling you feel every hill down or up, the lay of the land is in the forefront of your route planning. Besides cycling being another way to get around, its a challenge and who doesn’t like a challenge? I look forward to doing 100, 200, 300 and 500 + miles sometime in the future. Some of my eventual routes include DC > Pittsburgh via the GAP and C&O trails, Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah, local farm roads Civil War routes, etc. I cannot wait to do these rides, they seem like tons of fun.

I’ve come full circle with what I see as fun cycling. This past summer I rode as fast as I could everywhere, including the 70 miles to Purcelville, VA. I’m guessing I’m on the faster side of riders – averaging 16 mph for 30ish miles, my best being just above 18 mph for that mileage. With a 23 lb old ten speed, doing rides like that is good I would think but I’m not here to talk about that.

You can see I have a predicament of wanting to go fast but long distances carrying my supplies. Needing a new bike to let me do what I want is a reality for me. It’s a tough choice knowing I can’t even buy a new complete bike but in pieces due to my budget. I can only make the right decision once. That is to say this is only when my 3 mo old gets what he needs and by that I mean Walt gets a whole store full of clothes and toys before my toys. More writing on my decision some other time.

I look forward to what cycling has in store for me. At the very beginning it was a way to save money to the metro every morning. Now, it seems it is not a fad but a lifestyle. Crazy talk.


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