Supporting a 600 km Brevet – Part 1

Great account of some good riding..

Off The Beaten Path

During our pre-riding the planned route for the Seattle International Randonneur’s “Mountain 600 km Brevet,” we realized that it was not safe to have riders descend from Windy Ridge at night. It would be too cold, and the road has big cracks that already had seen a rider crash during another brevet in daylight. Yet we did not want to cancel the brevet. Mark Thomas, our SIR president, saved the day by suggesting a substitute route via the North Cascade Highway that was already established. We felt good about that change, and moved on to figure out the ride support.

Even though randonneuring officially is an “unsupported” sport, organizing a brevet means manning controls and, usually, providing substantial food at an overnight control, where riders also can rest for a few hours during the brevet. Some randonneur brevets are run more like tours, with the organizers providing most of the…

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