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I read this article and I found new inspiration for the toe clips I currently use. I think Grant Petersen (head of Rivendell) makes a solid point. This guys site is amazing and amazingly funny and brutally honest.

Let me just say I’ve been using toe clip pedals since starting to ride frequently since Sept 2011. Since then I’ve logged somewhere around 2000 miles and have learned countless things about my body and how to correctly complete a ride the best I can that day. I can literally feel the criticism of cyclists around me when seeing my toe clips right before I keep up with them in a paceline……

Referencing the article’s research – I think it is very interesting about the downward motion only when considering elite cyclists. Why do people (and why I’m interested too) have clipless pedals/shoes? I believe it is because of the norm to do so and to look stylish in my bike specific clothing. People naturally congregate in groups…

Let me explain, I used to be a golf professional. When I started playing there was a huge boom in driver sales that were “oversize”. That oversize driver is now laughed upon and folks now use drivers, hmmmm maybe twice the size of that once behemoth driver. I think I am fully qualified in making the statement – although the oversize driver of yesterday helped, the larger drivers of today maybe help your game 1 or 2 strokes, if that. We’re talking apples to apples, good cyclist to good golfer.

Saying this, I’m more geared to say the same is true for clipless/clip pedals. I mean come on people, Eddy Merckx did the hour record in I want to say 56 or 8 kilometers in an hour in Mexico City in 74?! I want to see the bike industry make stiff soles/waterproof uppers for the toe clip community. You know the people that use a bike for a bigger purpose – commuters, grocery getters, enjoying scenery in normal clothes. The market’s there and perhaps if we framed it that way more we could get more cyclists instead of making it intimidating as now the golf industry is seeing too. Ask any pro golfer and see when was the last time a single woman walked in and wanted her first lesson, everything’s the same across the board.

Let me just close my rant in saying bikes are what you make them. I have nothing against bike specific clothing or clipless pedals because I may in fact use them, who knows. I’m just asking us to think why are we buying what we buy?

Rant ended. Let me know if I’m totes off base. Id read his article, its more solid than mine. What do you think?


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  1. I’m a flat pedal guy. At one point in my life I rode with toe clips, but now I just use BMX pedals. It just seems like way too much work to have to buy shoes and wear only those shoes on the bike? What about hopping off to go to the grocery store?
    In the winter I wear leather hiking shoes and wool socks and I’m glad I don’t have to bother with neoprene “overshoes.”

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