Beautiful scenery from Jan Heine

Off The Beaten Path


I recently visited relatives in Germany. They live in Bavaria, in the corner between Austria and the Czech Republic. The “Bavarian Forest” is a lovely landscape that offers some of the best cycling anywhere. The name is deceptive, because most of the “forest” is an agricultural landscape that has been farmed for many centuries.

Like most of Germany, this region is criss-crossed by an amazing road network. By German standards, the region is lightly populated, and many of the roads are very small and see almost no traffic.


I have an old 1970s Singer in Germany. It’s the very first Singer I bought, a decade-and-a-half ago. The frame was one of hundreds of sport-touring/racing frames that were sold to the U.S. during the bike boom. This one originally went to R&E Cycles in Seattle just after they opened, long before R&E started making their own bikes. It was repainted at…

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