Shoes Muse: Part Deux

Several weeks ago I did a post on toe clips and the differentiating opinions in their usefulness and popularity. (Link Above) I pretty much took the plunge in saying their resourcefulness on the standpoint of being able to bike ride without being locked into only using clip in shoes for bike riding, to take the greatness of a bike and make it useful for short trips to the grocery store, to work or to the park for instance. I left myself open to critiques and said that I might be into clipless one day. There was also a section of the scientific argument against the helpfulness clipless pedals provide. Some people disagreed – *cough* Surfer dude.

I turned the tables after seeing the pedal below (same pedal, just flipped for each side). Google Shimano Touring pedal and it should pop up. I’m excited about clipping in. Through riding and a little bit of an open mind I noticed that my foot strike onto the toe clip pedal was centered on the very front of my foot instead of the ball of my foot. That spells loss of energy and unneeded pain. Don’t know this for a fact but it HAS to be better based on the subject of Kinesiology – human kinetics. Another but less of a reason is softness of a sneaker’s sole which made my feet numb.

Clip-In Position

Clip-In Position

Flat Position

Flat Position

But together with the stiff sole and foot strike it looks like my long rides will seem shorter which is obviously great for my self-esteem and my fat stomach. The flat position was what made me decide to switch to this particular pedal and to keep me happiest. It’s flat, so I’m more than happy to do errands around town or just do a leisurely ride down the trail on an afternoon. I’m a picky person so this offers flexibility depending on my mood that changes by the minute.

The shoes I purchased are Louis Garneau, below. I tried the version with the buckle and wow that was confusing and it took me far too long. I tried the same exact shoe with 3 straps instead of 2 and was $30 less. Felt exactly the same and no headaches of buckles. No heel slip either.

Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau

I’m sure I’ll practice clipping in-and-out by leaning on the couch etc so there’s less of chance of falling. I believe there is 6 degrees of float on the clips so right in the middle of being able to get out of the shoe quickly or slowly. Supposedly, I am able to adjust the clip position on the pedal too and can change the clip on the shoe too. I’ll be paying attention to that just to make the foot strike position right. Even though the foot doesn’t strike anything…

**Campeur build update – dropped it off last weekend and the wheels and tires will be ordered next week so Velo Classique (in Purcellville, VA) can start doing the fender mounting which is the toughest part. My bike is now in purgatory with it (I’m hoping) being finished in mid-February I’m guessing. I’m getting Velox white tape instead of cotton. **

The End


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