Check out this beautiful video by Rivendell Bicycle Works. Makes me like this company even more. Riv, as it’s known, is owned by Grant Peterson, the marketing director and designer of Bridgestone bicycles in the 80’s – 90’s. I just bought his book, Just Ride, today and look forward to reading more from him. Although, I probably won’t agree with everything he says, if nothing else, I just love his style of writing based on his product descriptions on his site. You’ll see what I mean if you read a few. The Sackville Medium Saddle bag is my favorite. Oh, and I plan on getting that bag.

This is an inside view of his company, it’s long so kick back and relax.


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  1. What an amazing group of individuals, I admit that I was simply doing research on a double kickstand for a touring bike I’m building and I got an email from the frame manufacturers suggesting I check out yours. I watched your videos, read your write ups, and I’m in love with your company as a whole. I may not have been a customer but I am now. You are the people that make me love bicycles, thank you all for your work.

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