for spring to show up is the name of the game these days. March 10th is when the time change happens and the more important piece of the season appears – daylight until 7:30pm. I really can’t remember the last time I did a commute ride fully w/ daylight. Can’t wait.

My new commute is going well with lighter panniers (10lbs give or take). Not about speed but at some point you want to get home faster. So, yesterday I did the route in an hour forty five instead of two hours. The clip in shoes also helped. Toe clips would be fine too but finding a wide enough pedals for MKS toe clips is tough. The fenders have been great. I’ve received a lot of compliments while out, two yesterday. Yesterday gave me a lot of rain spray to test out the fenders – of course no spray got on my clothes and it felt good to not worry about that no matter how big the puddle was.

I’m doing the commuting in stages to get the muscles worked back up to last year’s levels so I will do it twice this week after once last week. Pretty soon it will be 3 and so forth pending weather and life in general. The weekend rides I’m doing right now are more for training as well, not shunning away from hills and tackling the rollers which is a feat with new amounts of teeth up front but mostly conquered that by now. I’ve done 170 miles this year so far and a huge start from last year (I started in May). I’ve only been seriously riding for less than a year…

Soon, “Muckle” will have her last piece of the puzzle, that being a front rack. It will be the Pass Hunter from VO. It clips in to the cantis and the fork doo hickey thinga majig. It will serve as another option for loads, complete the classic profile and serve as a fastener to the front fender to keep it from cracking or coming loose over a long time. Right now, I see myself as having 7 load options. Two panniers on front and back, trunk options for both and a saddle bag option. Which I could load all for long rides. Or just not carry anything! Great either way.


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