Fly on a Rock

This weekend I decided to let loose on some dirt trails as well as some packed gravel (at high-speed). Both were equally fun but here are some photographs to showcase some of the dirt trail.

The low bottom bracket did better than I thought it would do and as long as the trail stayed flat the Campeur held up well. Not everyone has fenders on the Campeur like I do (see Gypsy by Trade) with very large tires – all the way up to 42mm. I imagine you can even do even more hardscape with that set up but as for me, mine has a good setup for road and flat-ish trails around my region.

These were taken right off the popular W O&D trail which everyone uses but a small turn-off showcases this trail. A natural creek hugs the path. I stopped here to actually just sit and not do anything for a bit. Isn’t that weird? I never ever just sit in nature and not do anything. Well, some mean skipping of rocks but that was it. Sounds ridiculous but it is something I never do anymore and a thing I always chose to do as a youth. Very small and large things were re-discovered and appreciated, always good for a man to take some time like this.







  1. Thanks Tom, yes I like both of mine – the Pass Hunter and Constructeur rack on the rear.

    I carry about 15lbs on my commute on the rear when bringing my laptop plus other things and it holds up fine. That is also taking in acct the rack being drilled in the fenders too for multiple support points. I honestly would have gotten the Campeur rear rack but didn’t want the extra weight. For that purpose, the Constructeur does just fine. The Campeur rack only helps because the weight is even lower which helps in handling and out of the saddle times. The only thing that may trip up the Campeur rack is the attachment points to the canti brakes. Depending on your frame dimensions and components that might not be possible but you have the other option for the rack bosses at the seat stays as I’m sure you’ve seen. If I had heavy weight at all times I would for sure get the Campeur rear rack.

    Soon, I’ll have a front bag for the Pass Hunter rack and looking fwd to a review about that someday soon because after all, I want the weight up front if I can help it!

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