Winter Gloves Idea & Heavy Paint

Since, the Spring in DC lasts forever compared to the South where it goes right into Summer I have been still wearing thin gloves to get me through the mornings. I don’t use specific cycling gloves though, instead I use Winter Golf Gloves. Reason I came to this is quite simple, I used to be a golf professional and would use winter gloves at length.

The reason why they work? They have to be thin where you are able to feel the grip (even more so with “feel” players) and they actually grip well, because you have to hold onto a golf club while it’s moving. :) So, try it out. They’re a bit more expensive than regular golf gloves but they last three times as long because they are made differently than standard cabretta leather. Get Footjoy, don’t get imitators.

They don’t breathe as well as other gloves but that’s easy – just leave the velcro un-fastened if they have that option. It’s what cool golfers do anyways.



Thanks to Bike Snob, I saw this gem of a paragraph:

Dear Lennard,
I am considering purchasing a carbon frame on sale with a hideous paint scheme. Is there a safe way to remove the paint and either leave it as bare carbon or re-shoot to spec? And if left as bare carbon, is that a good or bad thing? I want to avoid a spray over as not to add more weight, whatever that may be.

This person wrote into Velonews to ask this technical question. Speechless I am. I’m pissed because why isn’t there an easy way to remove paint from your bike, so you have to make an ass of yourself and ask it publicly, it must improve time by at least nothing.


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