Next weekend scheduled is the first big ride of the year. The C&O canal. The wife and boy will be down in SC soaking up the sun while I soak in the sights.

Saturday early morning I’ll venture northeast then west to connect to the all gravel trail. I plan on taking it slow the whole trip. Day 1 will have me going right around 100mi and day 2 around 75.

Saturday will have me going NW past Harpers Ferry then to Antietam NP for some sights. I’ve always want to go to this battlefield and can’t think of a better way to see it. From there, back to Harpers Ferry for the night at the Tea Horse Hostel – a seemingly great place to stay for hikers and bikers alike. They serve you waffles, fruit and OJ and have towels/showers and a bed. Anything else needed? No.

Sunday will be easier, back to home with a cool start.

Pack List

Plenty of pictures to come. If anyone in the area wants to join let me know.



  1. Looks awesome. Where are you picking up the canal? There are some fun roads out between Waterford and the bridge to Brunswick.

    1. I planned on picking it up at Chainbridge via Falls Church. Any suggestions are welcome, do tell. Just planned on doing the actual trail the whole way but a break in the gravel would probably be welcome I’d say

      1. If you haven’t done the canal much, Chain bridge is the place to start. Lots of and lots of prettiness through the Potomac gorge section. If, on the way back from Harper’s ferry, you need a break from the straightness and the flatness of the canal, I’ve ridden this route a couple of times to pick up the W&OD west of Leesburg: – there’s a lot of gravel and some steep ups and downs.

      2. I’ve ridden the canal once but just a short ride, enjoyed it but I could see how the straightness would get boring over a period of time. Good thing is the elevation change is not much at all, all the way to Antietam at least. I’ll give this a look, thanks again.

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