Campeur Photo Shoot

I have a just OK camera – the iPhone. Here are some photos I managed to snap before my my in-laws left to go back to Arkansas with their camera. Some of these I really like. If you’re interested in this frame and want to see anymore in particular, let me know. I have some close-ups of a few areas too.

I’m not riding much due to a foot injury, hence the posting in the middle of a beautiful day. Perhaps good rides next week.

Non-Drive Side Drive-Side B17 Narrow Head-On Ostrich Map Seat Cluster Back Cockpit-Bourbon Ends



  1. man, love it to every detail! i’m thinking in buying a pannier rack like yours, but the guys at the shop said the quick release skewer won’t give enough support to it (saw you’re using one) is it really an issue? thanks!

    1. Hello and thanks! The bike is in the shop right now, was going to take a photo of the rear dropout just to show you my setup up close. In short though, I have extra eyelits where the rear rack sits and screws into. The rack does not rest on the skewer.

      1. hey robert, duh, that’s it! !i’m a newb with a second hand bike and that’s exactly how it looks, thanks a lot, you’ve been great,
        i wish local racks were as nice as yours though
        saludos desde méxico

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