I love when I can take full use of the Campeur. This morning I had a free and very quick pass without the baby and quickly saw it as an opportunity to go grab a latte at the local Starbucks in Vienna. I quickly put on my jeans, long socks, sneakers and no helmet to go around the corner.


It was just before lunchtime when I was done so I decided to go down to Skorpios to pick up some Greek food for the family. Thanks to my front bag and the rear Carradice (thanks again Brook) I put a whole family’s lunch on the bike and went happily home to a hungry crowd.

THIS is why I love the setup I have. If I feel like grabbing lunch for a whole family I can. No cleats or Lycra required.




  1. The funny thing is that I consider my all-rounder to be more of a pain than my Dutch Bike for these types of errands. The Devil has flat pedals, fenders, front basket and big rear saddlebag, but it lacks the full chainguard, hauling capacity and generator lights on the Dutch Bike. Compared to your typical road bike either one is leaps forward in taking a quick ride to pick up some groceries.

    1. You’re completely right. That’s why my next bike will inevitably be a porteur bike with a large flat rack up front and details as you describe. I’m getting by though I like to think!


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