Out Of My Element

Since I hit my goal of 3,000 mi this past September I’ve been paying a little more attention to what makes up my commute. At a distance it is quite boring. I have a county provided paved trail and no turnoffs for about an hour each way. But it’s much more.

These days I’m now paying attention to the rustling leaves and the seemingly fire breathing Sweetgums. The hormones that course through the trees produce a terrific light. The lateness of the season has brought the mystery of the night and what is just beyond my head beams. Gentle doe just beyond the skirts of the trail and brave bucks threaten my path each night. The crisp air that cools me on the inside and the welcome beams of sun that warm the skin are a perfect dichotomy. But, what has started as a color drenched fall will soon enough turn into a colder winter.

I look forward to seeing things die and go dormant and then eventually show life sometime in the new year. In the meantime, what a privilege it is to see things change each day. It is only the big changes a person can see thru glass, on the bike you see everything else.



  1. Biking in the winter you can smell everything. Fireplaces, wetlands, dinner cooking in nearby houses, etc. Funny how I never remember summer being like that.

    Early spring is pretty cool. One day it just smells like spring.

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