New Year’s Gear

My bike is off at Velo Classique right now getting some treatment. Not much in the grand scheme of things but enough to what I expect to feel like a new bike when complete.

Tires: I’m going with the Grand Bois Cypres, ~ 32mm. My Michelin commuters were great but given my daily commute is easy on tires as it is, I thought I’d take a chance with more of a performance tire. These tires weigh around 270 grams if I remember correctly. Together, both of mine now weigh about 1.1lbs more than the Gran Bois. This rotational weight being taken off will surely quicken my pace, not to mention the famous smooth ride I hear the sidewalls produce. The price tag was one I said no to last year but given the weight difference I couldn’t resist.

11-32 Cassette: This cassette will offer a wider gear ratio than what I have now (12-27 cassette). I partly guessed on how the bike would handle with these new gears but, by using a gear calculator and seeing some schematics I feel pretty confident in the decision. The reasons I wanted lower gears was to carry loads better and safer (commuting) and wanting to do more rolling and steep terrains. One ride I’d like to do this summer, for example is Skyline Dr part of the way. EDIT: The long cage that was originally put on by Wayne allowed me the flexibility to just the gear ratio if I ever wanted to. He acts like he’s done this before :)

Mudflaps: I consider this to be the last bastion of completing the Campeur with a minor exception for a Dynamo hub. It will look like a finished bike in its class and give me and others behind me some relief from road spray. The Honjos on now offer a great coverage due to their unusual length when compared to most. But still, much spray gets on the BB and pump. My originally VO BB was replaced early due to corrosion so I’m hoping this will help. I’m well aware though my current BB from VO isn’t known to be the best on the market, nevertheless I love the company and willing to give it another shot. The flaps themselves will be made out of some rubber gasket material Wayne will custom cut and attach. The material (whatever it may be) looks and feels great. It’s a little more pliable too which is good as well, I want there to be some give if going over an obstacle or two. EDIT: Only one flap was installed, the front deciding to be not needed in the end. Wayne modeled the rear flap based on some Jan Heine photos.

I’m really excited about these changes. It’s been about a year since I’ve had the Campeur and paying attention to what’s good and bad with the setup has been a learning experience. But, I still love it like the day I got it, unheard of with my personality. Only happened to two things in my life – my wife and my bike. My kid is TBD. :)


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