A New (Temporary) Ride

So I secured a backup bike from a friend during some work that is going on with the Campeur. The new rig brings new challenges and enjoyment. It’s a hybrid cruiser from Trek with fenders (awesome) and a rear rack.

Some good things:

  1. Turning responsiveness – the bike reacts very quickly to obstacles
  2. Short wheelbase – a little bit more livelier feel compared to the long stays of the VO Campeur

Some bad:

  1. Index shifting – is it bad this is on my bad list? I find it hard to get used to shifting by index, I can only shift one cog at a time. Do other performance shifters react this same way? I chose my friction shifters based on longevity and ease. I can downshift from the largest cog to the smallest in a matter of 1-3 seconds. Index shifting on this bike lets me do it in about 10. Maybe it’s me needing to get used to it and me being ridiculous.
  2. Straight Handlebars – only one hand position, the extensions are too long for me
  3. Toe Clips – I’m fine with clips but they are so large I broke a piece off while I was taking off at a light and not securing the foot, whoops.
  4. Doesn’t plane

Although, there are some things to get used to for riding a new bike I like the fact it is making me more aware of different bikes and how they react differently than mine. Since, the Campeur is my only bike, one naturally would get very comfortable with it and its intricacies. I do wonder about index shifting and whether I will ever make the switch if just staying with a steel bike where I can get away with it (mostly appearance-wise). Some folks are really surprised to learn I friction shift a 9 speed cluster. Perhaps one day I’ll throw on some real shift levers.

It’s all what we’re used to. As for now, I’ll enjoy breaking in the back up bike a little further and let it teach me some new tricks.



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