New Gear Photos

I’m excited for my new gear on the Campeur. Some photos and short review:

Rear Flap handcut.



Grand Bois Cypres tires.


Shimano 11-32 cluster.


After a few rounds on Vienna’s most tough hills, I’m happy to say the combo of new cluster and faster/lighter tires is incredible. The bike planes more uphill, almost propelling it at times. Really fun and just what I imagined this new combo to achieve. Read HERE on some details of these items if you’d like. Thanks for reading.




    1. I only have one, rear. Been working great. I wanted another one for the front but the fellow who installed the rear one for free said he wasn’t proud of his work so didn’t out another. At any rate, the Honjos are quite long so block most water. You’re right tho, there is a little bit of spray.

      I could ask Wayne exactly what material it is. Some sort of rubber gasket material that looks like leather. Just cutting it to suit.

      Thanks Tom

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