Not Riding

I’m not riding much.

…is the inner dialogue I have in my mind as I approach the end of the day or sit down at my desk in the mornings. The early/mid parts of the summer had me riding nearly every day as per usual.  Then the second baby was born, then work was busy, then I went out of town and now I’m sick for nearly a week.  Where does the time go? Right now, not on my saddle.

What do we do as cyclists when we don’t ride?  I suppose the underlying angst during this time is to find a rhythm that equals the tenacity and smoothness we bring to a bike ride.  For each of us this is different.  For me, it means putting the same effort I put into a bike ride into taking care of my family or my work ethic into my job.  There is also shorter workouts I do – such as running.

Cycling has brought my running abilities to another level.  I ran a lot (for me) before cycling and it has been good to take it up once again. In 30 minutes I can run about 3 miles and have about half the calorie burn I would on a bike.  In my busy family/work schedule this is a great alternative.  Running also has helped me build up leg muscles I could not have during cycling.

Running has allowed me to spend my built up energy.  But, what do you do when you can’t ride?  Or, how do you cope?


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