Have you ever gone on a ride and your stress levels go way up? Weird, right?

I did a ride yesterday after taking off ft about a month. It felt great to go out. Being sick, busy job, vacationing, you know, first world problems, have kept me off the bike.

Yesterday however, I felt really stressed out on the bike. As the elevation went higher, so did the stress levels, I was puzzled again why this was happening to me. Because it’s happened before. Nearing the end of ride, it clicked that these same stresses that we’re erking me (on a beautiful ride out of all places) were literally flowing out of me. I was in a battle, with the ride and stresses competing. The stresses being overrun.

So many times, I read of rides of splendor or of a renewed sense of life. To me however, my rides are all different and if I’m honest with myself, sometimes they aren’t as good as I wanted them to be. Not because of anything physical, but of myself getting in the way.

It’s a reminder to myself that in rides in the future, I’ll try to accept the surroundings as they are, hug the road, and focus on the job to be done.



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