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Pack List | C&O Tour1


  • Spare secondary toe straps
  • Top Peak Pump attached to frame
  • 2x tubes
  • Cheap lock in case I have to go in a store
  • 2x panniers w/rain covers
  • Ostrich handlebar bag w/ decaleur
  • Spare brake cable
  • Spare chain quick-link (SRAM)
  • C&O Paper Maps
  • Pen/Notebook
  • Bike gloves
  • Chain Tool
  • Gerber Multiplier
  • 3 water bottles
  • Front/Rear lights
  • Multi-tool, Patch-kit, Chain oil


  • Sundries including suncream, rubbing alcohol for scrapes
  • Adidas sports shorts
  • 2x Under Armor athletic underwear
  • Windjacket
  • iPhone charger & perhaps a flash charger for charge while riding
  • Smartwool socks
  • Cycling shoes (of course)
  • Foldable NB Minimus shoes (backup shoes too)
  • Hankerchief, Towel for grease wipe-off when/if needed


  • Granola/Salted nuts
  • 2x “recovery” Powerbars
  • 2x Powerbar gels
  • Bananas
  • Hearty b’fast at the house before takeoff
  • 1st day Dinner & 2nd day B’fast in Harpers Ferry

Edit: I should probably point out that not all century rides I do will be with this much gear. A tour is a tour is a tour. Things like pen/notebook fortunately come into the equation. And unfortunately, due to the unpredictable surfaces ahead I bring spares of  a lot of things.

*Special thanks to Cass Gilbert @ www.whileoutriding.com for (although not to his knowledge) help in gathering this list