2014 Errandonnee Challenge

My first Errandonnee Challenge is complete. The challenge focuses on doing everyday errands on your bicycle. (Note: pronounced Er-RAND-onnee.) It is a play on Randonneuring – a certain cycling enduring challenge with it’s set of rules and challenges. This whole challenge was a concept drawn up by Mary at Basically, the rules are you complete 12 errands in 12 days and ride at least 30 miles by bike in that span of time.

Normally, there are control points in a randonneuring race where you prove your progress. In this challenge however, I had to take photos to prove my “controls”. Here are some photos that proved my control points. In each photo I submitted to the organizer, I had to tell what I observed and what my mileage was for each errand. Head on over to this Flickr Set to check out these additional details.

Taking Walt on these errands was fun for him and I. It wasn’t just doing the errand itself though, I’d usually combine the errand with a park or caboose visit if taking him. By myself, I’d combine miles just for fun. Case and point – my Georgetown Waterfront visit was a 51 mi. venture, normally only being 15. Another thing – bringing the bike inside PETCO or Walgreens was nothing big to the employees. Just have to have the nerve to do so. No bike rack? No problem. I’ll bring my car inside. In total, I did over 108 miles for the challenge.

Find other people’s experiences by using the #errandonnee hashtag on Twitter. Here are my photos of the challenge.

#errandonnee lunch entry

Georgetown Waterfront Lunch

#errandonnee entry #4 Work


#errandonnee grocery store entry

Grocery Store

#errandonnee #6 entry - Breakfast. Look close, the burley is back there!


#errandonnee entry #10 Dinner at Popeyes. Bike in the background!


#errandonnee #5 Work. Blah!!


#errandonnee entry #11 Spokes in Vienna

Spokes Etc

#errandonnee entry #8 Mail drop Wild Card

Post Office

#errandonnee entry #9 PETCO - bring the bike inside ed.


#errandonnee entry #7 Lunch at Maggios!


#errandonnee library entry


#errandonnee entry #12 Walgreens in Vienna