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Re: Resurrection

Rouleur Magazine

Time to get my blog to its roots. I read THIS article today. It’s a journal entry on Rouleur Magazine’s website. It had tremendous insight into one of the greatest cyclists and certainly Classics riders, Roger De Vlaeminck.

I love history, especially cycling history. To hear these words in such a raw form is certainly a blessing. One very interesting fact I noticed concerned the downtube shifters on Roger’s machine. His (and probably others) had downtube shifters with protective rubber on the ends not only to protect his knees when out of the saddle but, so he could shift with his knees. How wild is that? In this age it’s hard to come to grips with this as part of normalcy. This simple instance displays the resourcefulness and the tenacity Roger and his counterparts had in the 70’s. There are a few other examples of this type in here too. And this gem when asked what has changed in cycling equipment over the years.

“Let’s say there have been two innovations that have significantly changed cycling: clipless pedals and ergopower shifters. The rest is questionable.”

Really fascinating piece. Certainly not my first cycling history read but interviews are always special. With reading this, I’ll grind just a bit harder tomorrow and not shift gears as soon as coming up onto a hill. What? That’s what you did as a kid too right?

Original piece by Rouleur Magazine