velo orange seatpost

Not So Tight

Last Friday I had the fortune of discovering a problem with my seat tube. A lot of folks seem to go to this blog by Googling “velo orange” or “Campeur” so this is more of a PSA statement and not a knock on Velo Orange.

After several mornings and afternoons of commuting I had to tighten my seat post. Not a big deal though until I was doing it each ride and noticing shallow gashes forming due to slippage on the post.

So it came to so something about it. In short, I tried to remove the bolt to see if a washer was present but it ended up I had destroyed the bolt by over-tightening it. I ended up having to take it to Spokes Etc for them to literally cut the bolt to remove. Ended up there was no washer so there in lay the issue.

Velo Orange was terrific through the whole process and shipped me a new bolt free of charge. The new bolt is great and doesn’t let the post slip.

Aside from this issue, I am remind how bicycles kind of amaze me for the fact that they are so light weight and if you think about it, all of the inner workings and small bolts to hold it all together most of the time don’t fall apart with basic maintenance. Maybe that’s an overstatement but it shows the great design of the modern bicycle geometry and how far they have come but at the same time, have remained the same.

Amazing machines.