pass hunter velo orange

Racked and Rides

This past weekend the bike had two more (and perhaps) final additions. The VO Pass Hunter rack and Crane Brass bell.


The rack was installed by Velo Classique on a time crunch (thanks again Wayne) after bending the canti arms just a bit to fit correctly. There is a slight bend in the arms but I personally favor that instead of them being straight. Just yesterday I was able to secure a light load to the front rack and it handled the load well.

My bell turns out, wakes up the dead. I decided on this bc a couple weeks ago I heard a crane sound its chime and immediately thought it had to be a Crane. I now see what the fuss was all about. Peds beware of the bell. Here’s a video of one (not mine). Freakin sweet huh?

Onto planing. At first the Campeur was and still is a bike I am getting used to. Things such as fit, long stays and most of all chainring sizes have been things to come accustom to. At first, the frame honestly felt a little stiff due to the larger downtube, much more so than what I was used to and I traveled slower too. Part of it was being out of shape too. But, that was OK. I didn’t buy the bike for speed.

This past weekend and yesterday on the commute was a different story and one I was happily able to read. I found myself planing just as I once did. It felt great and I suppose I chalk it up to getting used to the longer stays. Overall, the bike works just as well loaded as unloaded. Needless to say my times have improved and that in turn keeps the wife and baby happy. On a side note – It was once said by his competitors that Raymond Poulidor used to plane up climbs and ultimately coas in the mountain stages of the TDF. Unbelievable. Bikes he rode would be considered crap these days. Ponder that, weekend time trialers.